Structure for a Funding Proposal

The first question you need to ask yourself is: Why are you writing a funding proposal?
The simple answer to this is:
You write a funding proposal to persuade someone to give your organisation or project money. The chief purpose of a funding proposal is persuasion, NOT description. So, while you will need to describe the proposed project, you need to do so in a way that will convince a donor to give you money.

There are several reasons why you may have decided that the best route to go in raising money for your project is through “selling” it to a donor. These might include:

  • Large sums of money are needed;
  • you have decided that it is important to “diversify” your funding base to have more
    than one or a few donors who support your organisation;
  • The proposed project fits within a broader framework of regional or national development in which a number of donors are already involved.
Here is the Structure for a Funding Proposal

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